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Take a look at some of the decoration ideas below. From business launches to television sets to wedding decoration we can help you take the strain out of making your event look spectacular. Just click on the picture to enlarge.
Balloon Decoration
Columns can be used in so many ways. Choose your colours and enhance an entrance.
Indoor air filled garlands can last for weeks. From Christmas decoration to business openings we have supplied balloons garlands in an array of colours.
We can create both air filled and helium filled
balloons in a colourway to your choice.
Four balloon cluster arches, single balloons and link-a-loon.
Table Decorations
Take the hard work out of your event and let us design and
 set your table decorations. We can co-ordinate decorations
with your own ideas and set up your personal design.
From confetti, glitter, table runners, petals, candles,
helium filled balloons  in fact anything and
everything you require to make
your table look spectacular.

Floor Decorations
These are similar to the weighted helium balloon decorations used on tables
but can fill spaces with their height by using more balloons. 
A co-ordinating colour scheme can then enhance your dining room
or indeed the entire venue with  matching table and
floor balloon decorations and even a ceiling fill of helium balloons.
Ceiling Fill
Enhance the dance area with helium filled balloons dancing above the dance floor.
Colouful single balloons were used here for each of the children. 
"Celebruty Trees" adorned the chairs of the special Communion children.
Table decorations along the length of their table and on the cakes and sweets table
added to the fun and look of the banquet hall.
Chair Bows
The finishing touch to your dining area, beautiful tulle bows,
hand tied in a colour of your choice.
Parasols & Fans
 With the sun in Spain warming our outdoor events be kind to your guests
and give them a cherished momento of your event.
Parasols and fans are ideal for those hot summer months.
A new addition to the Spanish theme are beautifully embroidered shawls,
an ideal item to keep the sun from delicate shoulders
or indeed  to keep the chill away as the evening progresses.
Give your guests a cherished gift to remember your occasion by.
The favours are beautifully gift wrapped and  personalised
with your names and the date of the event.
  Here are just a few examples of favours available for both ladies and gentlemen.
Gift boxed butterfly bookmark & keyring, pen & corkscrew, pen & ring holder amd miniture hip flask
The Spanish often use petal carpets to adorn a special walkway.
From the aisle to the alter we can sprinkle a petal carpet 
which adds colour and fragrance.
The petals can also be added to the table decorations.
Personalised Bubbles
A very popular idea now to replace messy paper confetti or rice is bubbles. Make yours even more special by having the labels personalised with your names and the date of your event so your guests can take them away afterwards.
bubble label hearts bubble label bells
Wine Labels & Weights
To co-ordinate with your personalised bubbles why not personalise
the wine labels and balloon weights.
Using candles and elegant glassware can really set your table decorations.
To enhance your outdoor area we can supply tealights in holders
around the garden to make a magical  effect as it goes dark.
Floating Candles and Balloons
With so many venues enjoying a pool feature we can even supply floating candles.
Add to the magic with metallic helium balloons anchored to the bottom of the pool on invisible line to give the appearance of the balloons literally floating above the water.
Cake Boxes
Cake boxes can be detailed with matching ribbons to other decór.
Balloon Art
From flowers to palm trees we can create something fun and imaginative.
With outdoor weddings needing a shady spot for the ceremony we can supply
a gazebo decorated to your colour scheme for the day.
We can also dress an existing pergola you already have.
Make your opening and promotional event look one step ahead of your competitors.
With your corporate colours and image we can give you that look.
When Madge and Mel decided to get married on Benidorm beach for
ITV's "Benidorm" comedy it was Globos Locos who took on the task of
decorating the happy couple's wedding ceremony area.
With colourful balloons festooning the real palm trees, a couple of 
8 foot tall balloon art palm trees and matching columns 
adorned with huge letters forming an arch and spelling out their names
it certainly befitted the happy couples nuptials!


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